Katy Yard Cards   


 1. Does someone need to be available during set up and removal of the lawn display?  No, Katy Yard Cards will handle all of the details!

2. How many signs are included in the display? 20-25 depending upon the size of the yard.

3. Do you deliver on weekends?  We deliver Monday - Saturday only.

4. What happens in bad weather?  Due to the nature of our business, inclement weather conditions could prevent us from making a delivery.  We will provide an alternative date or full refund if this unfortunate event occurs.

5. Do you deliver to businesses or apt. complexes?  We will treat each request separately to determine if sign displays are permitted and if there is adequate space to set up.

6. Can we keep a sign?  The signs are the property of Katy Yard Cards.  A full inventory is taken at set up and removal to make sure signs are not damaged or taken.  If the display is damaged or inventory is missing, the customer will be charged $20 per sign for replacement costs.

7. Do I get a discount if I order more than once?  We ABSOLUTELY want to reward our faithful customers.  After your third rental, a 20% discount will apply.  Ask for details on a referral program as well. If you advertise for us, we'll show our thanks to you!

8. What is your refund policy?  Sometimes cancellations occur.  As long as we have 24 hours notice, we'll gladly refund your money.  We will not refund for circumstances that prevent us from doing our job though. For example, wrong access codes to gated communities, unruly pets, refusal by the homeowner to allow us to display our cards, or
any other unexpected circumstance that might prevent set up.

9.  Will you travel beyond your published service area?  We will consider any request and if resources and inventory allow, we'll do our best to accommodate you!

10. Can we remove the signs for you?  No, please don't!  The signs must be handled by us so we insist on setting up and removing from the premises.  We will work with you if you'd like them removed early.

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