Katy Yard Cards   

Here's how it works...

Simply contact us by phone or use our reservation request and give us details of your event. You can choose flowers, hearts, princess crowns, balloons, footballs, baseballs, basketballs, golf balls, soccer balls, cupcakes, buzzards, skunks, stars or a combination of them.  Next, you may either design a special message for your marquee board or we'll create one for you. Katy Yard Cards will do the rest! We will deliver your custom sign design of 20 to 25 yard cards plus your marquee and wisk them all away once your special event is over! If we've created a smile or two, we've done our job well!

                "Emma's 13 today --SWEEEET!"- Birthday
                "Have a Grand Slam Birthday Brandon"- Birthday
                "Sweet Old Buzzard - Paul's 80 today" - BIG Birthday
                "We heard the Buzz - Cory's 50!"- BIG Birthday  
                "It Stinks that your moving!"- Moving
                "Home is where the heart is. Congrats"- New Home
                "Surgery Stinks, Get Well Soon"- Get Well
                "Princess Anna is here" - Birth
                "Congrats Kailey - A&M Bound!" - Graduation
                "You've had my heart now for 25 years!" - Anniversary
                "Thanks a bunch!" - Appreciation
                "Make me smile. Say yes to Prom" - Prom invite
                "You're the heart of our home!" - Mother's Day

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